What is PICKPAYPARK.COM? is the India's online parking place where you can find thousands of parking spaces from operators and private owners.

We provide a platform for private individuals and commercial car park operators to rent out their unused parking facilities, driveways and garages.

Drivers are therefore able to find the widest selection of parking spaces and garages across India, from

- Car parks owned by commercial operators

- Underused or Unused space being rented out by homeowners

- Grounds owned by schools/universities in high demand areas being rented out on weekends.

- Open plots owned by Individuals or businesses

It’s a win-win situation. Drivers looking for parking benefit through finding the widest range of spaces online, whilst those offering parking earn additional money from their previously empty or underused parking spaces and garages.

  Why is so much cheaper? connects commuters who needs Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly parking, with car spaces that typically sit vacant in high demand areas. By making better use of underused and unused parking spaces, and facilitating bookings through a sophisticated booking platform we can deliver awesome prices. Typically 20% to 50% cheaper than existing alternatives, plus go get your own dedicated parking space!

  How much does it cost to join?

It's absolutely free to sign up and there are no up-front fees so joining is entirely risk-free. Yes, you heard right, just find a parking space, book and go. All you will have to pay for is the booking itself.

  Searching for a parking space?

You can search for parking here. Simply enter a location and click ‘Search’. You can then view available spaces in your area. You can also use the filters to narrow down your search, helping you find the perfect parking space to suit your needs.

If there is not a space available where you need it, simply set a free email or SMS alert. This will keep you informed when new spaces in this area become available.

  Set the maximum walking distance

Use the slider to adjust the time you are prepared to walk from your car space to your desired destination. The greater the walking distance the more results will appear. To give you a guide, 10 minutes walking time is approximately 800m to 1km, 5 minutes walking time is approximately 400m to 600m, and 1 minute walking time is approximately 50m to 200m.

  Select the type of space

Secure parking - the parker can only get access to the car space by some sort of authorisation. An authorisation could be a key, swipe card, security guard etc.

Unsecured parking - the parker can get access to the car space without a key, swipe card but there is a parking operator manages the parking place with a security guard.

Covered parking - The parking space is located under a roof, e.g. in an underground parking garage, under a carport or the like.

Open parking - The parking spaces are spread over the open land or open ground surface without a rooftop.

  What is PickPayPark Parker Protection Guarantee?

The pickpayparkparker protection guarantee means you can book with confidence.

Our guarantee to you - once booked, your parking space will be available for the date of your choosing. If not, you will be refunded 100% of the parking charges paid if the Space Owner did not honour your booking.

For the guarantee to apply you must contact pickpaypark on the booking start date to let us know why the space was not appropriate.


Online Payment - All payments are facilitated via a secure online payment gateway used by many businesses around the world to process credit card payments. Your privacy is important to us. Your credit card information is securely encrypted by using the world's most trusted SSL certificates.

Processing the payment - We collect your payment information at the time you submit your booking request.

Booking Protected - the payment is processed and collected by in full, and an invoice is emailed to you with booking & payment details. Whether the booking is two days or two months away, we hold the payment in until 24 hours after your start date before paying it to the lister. This gives you extra assurance that if you are not happy with the space, for a valid reason, you can be refunded 100% of the rental amount. Please refer to our Parker Protection Guarantee.

First month payment - For monthly bookings, the first payment includes the monthly rental amount, and may include a fully refundable key deposit(If key/access card is required to access the parking facility), and a postage fee. All subsequent monthly payments will include only the rental payment.

  How do I pay for my booking?

You must be a registered member of to book a space. This ensures that our network of parkers and listers are a trusted community.

Online Booking(Hourly/Daily/Weekly/Monthly) - Requires a credit, debit card to make a reservation. This makes the booking process very quick and simple. Search, Choose your space and Pay - simply search for a space in your desired location and book it. As soon as you book a space it is reserved for you and you will be getting an Email and SMS with booking confirmation details and your credit card will be charged, and you are ready to start parking.

Cash Bookings - You can search & book a parking space and choose Pay Cash Onsite option. As soon as you book a space it is reserved for you and you will be getting an Email and SMS with booking confirmation details.

Cash Bookings(Hourly/Daily)- You will be asked to pay the parking charges at the exit for the time you utilised the space.

Cash Bookings(Weekly/Monthly)- You will be asked to pay the parking charges at the entrance for the weekly/monthly booking you made.

You will be getting an email with final parking charges.

  What is the bond deposit?

Many spaces are secure and require an authorisation (i.e. security) or access device (i.e. a swipe card, access device or key) in order to access the parking facility. This is an amount that that the Space Owner has nominated as a deposit for the booking, and may be used to replace a lost or damaged swipe card, access device or key. So the bond amount is held by PickPayPark to ensure a smooth process between Parker and Space Owner. Note: This is applicable for Weekly and Monthly bookings.

  When is the bond refunded?

We expect the access device to be handed over on the last day of the booking and make a request to get the refund of bond amount.

The bond is refunded as soon as the Space Owner confirms the access device (i.e. a swipe card, access device or key) is returned and is in their possession. If the access device is not returned to the Space Owner within a 7 day grace period of the completion of a booking, the bond may not be refunded.

  How are the prices calculated?

Parking space prices can vary based on a number of factors e.g. vicinity to a local train station, security, undercover and even the size of the parking space. All parking spaces have an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly price. We provide a recommendation based on the location, availability and the price of on-street or off street parking but ultimately it is the Space Owner’s choice.

  Can I make a booking for a specific day or time?

Yes, you can make a booking for a specific day or time if the parking space available at your desired location. Some parking spaces will be available 24/7 and some will be available on a weekday and some will be available on specific days only. So we always recommend you to book a parking space in advance to save time and money.

  How do I book a parking space?

Once you have selected the parking space you would like to reserve, click on the “Book Now” button and log in with an existing account or create a new account if don't have one. Choose your preferred payment method and, after reading and accepting our terms & conditions.

  Will I receive a booking confirmation?

As soon as you have completed the booking process a confirmation page appears and we will send you a booking confirmation by email and SMS. Furthermore, you can always check your bookings in your PickPayPark user account.

  How will the parking space owner be informed about my booking?

We will inform every parking space owner by email/SMS about a booking made or extended by a PickPayPark user. This notification e-mail/SMS contains all the important booking details like your license plate number and the reservation period.

  How do I renew my weekly/monthly parking space?

You can renew your parking space by paying cash to the parking operator at the parking site after current reservation is expired. You will be getting an email with renewal details.

  Can I go check the parking space before i pay?

Yes, you drive to the parking site and get parking operator permission to check the parking space before you pay. Even if you make a booking, we don't transfer your funds to the Space Owner of the parking space until you have started parking. This gives you the chance to check it out and ensure you are happy with it. If you are not, we'll refund you in full, as part of our "Parker Protection Guarantee".

  What if I want to cancel my booking?

The good news is that you are protected by our "Cancellation Policy". We guarantee You that in the event of cancelled booking, all you have to pay a maximum of 3% of booking charges. Check the cancellation rules below.

Short-term booking(Hourly/Daily)

Before booking starts: Refund minus 3% of booking charges

After booking starts: No refund

Mid-term booking(Weekly)

Before booking starts: Refund minus 3% of booking charges

After booking starts: Refund for remainder of booking minus 3% of remainder booking charges

Long-term booking(Monthly)

Before booking starts: Refund minus 3% of booking charges

After booking starts: Refund for remainder of booking minus 3% of remainder booking charges

  How do I get the details of the Space Owner?

You'll receive the Space Owner and parking site Operator contact details by email, SMS and also on your booking from your dashboard.

  What hours is your customer support team available?

Our office is open Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM. Our response time is 1 – 2 hours during these periods, however if we can, we will respond sooner.

  Does PickPayPark check the quality of parking spaces?

We do verify the parking site and spaces to ensure the accuracy of all the details on our site including phone call verification to the Space Owner. We can't guarantee this always, so If you have any questions please let us know. We treat any false information from Space Owner very seriously and our quality team will investigate and remove the listing from our site.

  Why there are no spaces where I want to park?

PickPayPark is a marketplace for shared parking. Being a shared service means that all of our parking spaces are privately listed by people participating in the program. We may not have a huge inventory of spaces in your city quite yet, so please don’t be discouraged. Every day new spaces are being added. Please tell all your friends about PickPayPark and share a post on your social media. Every new parking space added makes the marketplace better and more productive for all.

  When I rent a space, how will I gain access to the parking space?

Once you book a space and received a confirmation, you will receive instructions from the owner on how to gain access. You can also call them on the phone number included in the booking confirmation if you have any questions. We encourage communication between parties to ensure the best service.

  How will the owner know that it is me parking in their space?

When you register you will be able to add vehicles (including registration) to your account and the owner will receive this information with the booking confirmation.

  What if I can't find the parking location?

Once payment is received you will receive an SMS and email with confirmation and the exact address of the space, phone number for the space owner/operator and google map link to ge to the parking location. If you still cannot find the address you should call the space owner/operator to see if they can help.

  Can I use the space 24/7 or just on specific days and times?

This will depend on the space. Some spaces might not be available 24/7 so they will be available fractions of times(e.g. Mon - Fri from 8am and 7pm). Other times it will be available all day. This will be clearly stated when you go to book a space.



  What does it cost to list my space on PickPayPark?

It's absolutely free to sign up and there are no up-front fees so joining is entirely risk-free. We collect small fee to handle payments and software. Yes, you heard right, just create your profile, list your parking space and give us the bank account details to get paid. We will notify you by email and SMS when Parker make the booking. It's that simple!.

  What are the benefits of renting my parking space on PickPayPark?

You get to make hundreds each month for doing nothing, If you do have a parking space or empty land in high-demand areas like city centres, airport, stadiums, most happening places you don’t use all the time, you could potentially be sitting on a little goldmine of passive free income. List your space with PickPayPark so motorists can then find and rent parking spaces in high-demand areas. You could be generating extra money to support what you do.

  How do I list my parking space?

All you have to do is Sign Up, click on ‘Rent your space’ and then follow the instructions. You can then manage your space and make changes simply by logging into your account. When listing the parking space please ensure your information is accurate and correct. Drivers are looking for hourly, daily, weekly and monthly parking but you can select a minimum booking period if you want.

  Who sets the price for my parking space?

You do! We want each person to have control over their own spots. You own the spot, so you should be able to set the price and decide how much you make for renting it out.

  How much does PickPayPark charge me if I list my parking space and get a confirmed booking?

We takes 13% for online bookings and 10% for cash bookings fee, in order to pay for its platform, payment gateway and staff, and collects any taxes required by the local authorities.

  Can I rent multiple parking spaces on PickPayPark?

Yes. However, that by renting a parking space on PickPayPark, you agree to our Terms and Conditions. Specifically, you acknowledge that you are legal owner to rent any parking space(s) that you list on the PickPayPark website.

  When do I get paid?

We pay out space owners on a monthly basis. The booking fee owing to you – minus PickPayPark’s commission – We can pay you out via online (NEFT) transfer to your bank account on the file.

  Can I deactivate my listing on PickPayPark at any time?

Yes. You can deactivate your listing at any time. However, you have to honour in the event that you have bookings which are ‘active’ on PickPayPark.

  How will PickPayPark advertise my space?

PickPayPark advertise online and offline. We use paid searches, internet ads, targeted leaflet drops, flyers and have enlisted promotions companies to further diversify our marketing spend. You will start to see PickPayPark popping up all over the place.

  What if I need help listing my space?

If you need help, we’ve got help, call us on 9550479881 or send us email from contact us.

  What type of spaces can I rent?

If it’s practical car parking space then you can rent it. This would include but is not limited to; garages, carports, open land, sheds, yards, driveway spaces.

  Can I list my space for fractions of time?

Yes, you can and we encourage it! We want listing your parking space to be on your terms and schedule. When listing, include the time limitations for your space and we will make sure it’s only occupied during those times.

  When I list a space, how long does it take for it to be available to rent?

When you list a parking space for rent on PickPayPark the parking space will be available immediately. Your space will come up in searches once you click “Save Car Space”.

  Can I list empty space at my home?

If you have an extra/empty/unused/underused parking space for more than one car in your home and have a car please give a clear description of where you would like the tenant to park, e.g “My car (a Skoda Rapid) will always be parked on the right side in the parking so please park on the left”.

  Who can rent a space?

Anybody can rent out their space on PickPaypark. There are areas where people are more likely to search for a space however. Anywhere near Shopping malls, Train stations, Stadiums, Restaurants, Concerts, Exhibitions, Venues, a City Centre or busy place is more likely to be short of parking and so easier to rent out your space. If your space is in a gated complex you will need to provide instructions to gain access to the parking space.

  How do I manage the bookings?

You can login to your dashboard and create a operator/manager account from "Add Manager" to manage the bookings. Once you create an account, the operator can login and manage online, offline bookings. The operator has to complete the bookings when Parker exit the parking space.

  What if there's a dispute?

PickPaypark acts as an intermediary between space owners and parkers. We'll help out to resolve any issues, but all problems are ultimately settled between the space owner and the person parking.

  My space hasn't been rented yet, why?

We have thousands of Renters looking to book a parking space every single day. There are various factors that could be affecting this including pricing, location, availability, etc. Feel free to email us at and we can have one of our account managers review your listing to see what updates can be made.

  How much is my space worth?

Our take is, some money is better than no money! Here you will see what parking spaces around you are currently renting for. The pricing is arguably the toughest. We recommend pricing your parking space at roughly 50-75% the price of the nearest garage or parking lot. It also could be helpful to browse the site and see what others in your neighborhood are charging.

  What is parking management software?

Besides our online booking platform, we have also launched a Parking Management Mobile App to manage the parking site. With our software you can execute complex daily tasks (like vehicle check-ins & check-outs, printing receipts etc.) in couple of minutes allowing you to provide better service to your customers. We have different plans that best fit your needs. Please check "Become a Partner" page for the complete details.

  What is Listing Type?

You can choose one of the Listing Type when you create the listing.

bookable - Select this option if you like to make your parking space available for online booking only.

nonbookable - Select this option if you like to make your parking space available for offline bookings only. You need to buy a subscription plan to manage your parking site.

both - Select this option if you like to make your parking space available for both online & offline bookings. You need to buy a subscription plan to manage your parking site.

  What is Payment Collection?

You can choose one of the Payment Collection when you create the listing.

Online - We collect the parking charges on behalf of you and pay your earnings every month minus our commission. The wallet deposit is not required if you select this option

Cash/Both - You collect the parking charges so we take our commission from your wallet deposit when you get the bookings. The wallet deposit Rs.2000 is required if you select this option.

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