Parker Protection Guarantee


Pickpaypark guarantees that your reserved parking space will be available on arrival or you will receive a full refund.


What is the driver protection guarantee?


We guarantee all drivers the following:

  • Once booked, your parking space will be available for the date and time of your choosing
  • You will be refunded 100% if the parking space owner does not honour your reservation or find you a new alternative parking space that you are satisfied with
  • Your payment is secure. All transactions are securely processed by us and your details are encrypted. Money is only released to property owners 48 hours after a booking begins.

Should a dispute arise, PickPayPark will mediate to try and successfully resolve the situation.

To enable us to do this effectively it is very important that you communicate using the PickPayPark messaging system so we can view your complete correspondence history. The Driver Protection guarantee may not be valid if it is clear that communication has ocurred outside of the website.


Reasons for disputing the booking include but are not limited to:

  • The description was seriously inaccurate
  • The owner did not have a right to rent the space
  • I received a parking fine/penalty (please send us a copy of your receipt/fine and a photo of where you parked)
  • I had to park elsewhere as the owner was unavailable to grant access to a locked space
  • I arrived and there was no space for my vehicle (please take photographic evidence to help us investigate what happened)

If you are unhappy with the parking space provided then you need to submit a dispute within 12 hours after booking starts. After this time, your payment is passed on to the property owner and we will no longer be able to assist you.


A few of our terms:

  • Photographic evidence is required to show that the parking space was not available at the time you were trying to park.
  • Parking fines, towing charges and other fines are not included as part of this guarantee - please park sensibly and legally according to the Highway Code.
  • Other associated costs including the cost of alternative transportation or replacement of train, flight tickets, etc. are not included in this guarantee.

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